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Explore, innovate, share.


"I work the white space… create the glue to fuse technologies and business processes."

Sean Wenzel is a technology innovator and developer who's been on the cutting edge of the digital age for over 30 years. Sean develops key concepts and practical technology applications for clients, while also focusing on independent research, development and exploration of all types of technology.

An avid published photographer specializing in food and other types of photography. Sean also enjoys building low-level Internet enabled electronic projects such as home automation and industrial monitoring systems.

Development skills

(including but not limited to)


  • iOS, Swift, Objective-C
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Android - Java
  • AMQP - high volume messaging engineering and implemenation
  • mySQL, Oracle and other SQL database engineering and developemnt
  • Unix systems administration
  • Cross-platform client/server application development on Macintosh/Windows/Unix
  • Languages, Ruby, Javascript, JQuery, Perl, Object Pascal, C, C++, Objective C, FORTH, Z80 assembler, too many to list...



(small subset)


  • LifeiQ - CTO - Gamified Health & Wellness platform - wearable device integrations
  • Infinite Networks Inc. - Enterprise content management and customer identity SAAS
  • Recipeland.com - founder (1996 to present) - one of the first large scale recipe web sites
  • Midstates Concrete - engineering of internal project managment systems
  • Shanahan Ford Lincoln - hosting and email client
  • Canadian Magazine Publishers Association - web engineering
  • Guardian Capital Advisors - intra web engineering and development for high net worth division
  • metro.isp Inc. - President and CEO
  • musicmusicmusic Inc. - Co-founder (Director Technical Development) of digital MP3 delivery company musicmusicmusic Inc. that became publicly traded.
  • Interactive Media Group - lead developer of (webpersonals.com now known as lavalife.com
  • Hitachi America Ltd. - system administration, technical support of offices across Canada



(From an interview back in 2000)


During Youth

At the age of ten Sean had became fascinated with electronics and computer technology after playing backgammon on a TRS-80 at a family picnic. By the age of 12 he was able to purchase his first computer, a Sinclair ZX81, utilizing saved money from his paper route.

By the age of 16 Sean had secured a job at Computer Parts Galore in the trendy computer and surplus downtown core of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

"I wasn't looking for a job. I was only looking to buy an IBM 360k floppy drive to wire to my ZX81. Tim Mars, who was working in the store, suggested I stick around and meet the owner, Bill Jackson. When the owner arrived he asked me to come back the next day to get tested by one of their technicians."

Sean was hired on the spot. Starting as a Electronic Technician's assistant in the back room, Sean rapidly demonstrated his ability to work the sales floor as well. Later he became manager of his own store. All before the age of 18.

This experience during youth help spur his innovation and fuel his rapid growth in the technology field for the future. Having explored the nuts and bolts of technology Sean yearned for more. It wasn't enough to simply use and disseminate technology. He wanted to create it.


Young Adult

Sean embarked on a year long coding blitz to develop a full-featured business application. Partnered with his father Sean developed a software package for the automotive industry called "F&I Manager".

Translating a highly complex business processes into technology that is intuitive and easy for the typical F&I Business Manager is challenging to this day. Side by side purchase vs. lease comparisons, financing calculations, insurance calculations, form printing for every major banking institution, automotive manufacturer, insurance companies, etc. coupled with end-user usability were some of the obstacles involved. Many of the end-users had never even used a mouse before.

Due to its intuitiveness, ease of use and functionality it is still in use today over a decade since it was written.


Growing Enterpise Experience

Sean's skills were polished and brought to an enterprise level of conception while working for Hitachi America Ltd.

The training and support obtained at the HAL building in San Franciso was cutting edge.

"I remember the insight I gained when realizing we were not talking about tens of thousands of employees, it was literally millions of employees we were supporting."

The heart of the world's technology centre in San Francisco was an atmosphere charged by the recent birth of the Internet. "You could almost feel it in the air." Sean remarks.

The experience enabled him to develop enterprise level application planning and deployment and wide area networking technology skills. In addition, the Japanese management style developed a unique view placed a new twist on enterprise level technology management yielding a direct and practical approach to problem solving.

"It was quite amazing considering the vast number of remote offices supported. For the entire network of HAL offices in North America there were only three front-line support techs. One Eastern US, one for the western US and myself covering Canada."

Anxious to explore the application of Internet technology Sean left Hitachi to form his own Internet development company to focus on research and development of Internet related technologies.


Developing Technology

He created RecipeLand.com as a test-bed for new technology. The project provided all the essential elements involved for interactive database driven Internet application development and debugging. RecipeLand.com is still in operation today and continues to serve millions of unique visitors each month.

His next major project was to engineer a database driven version of www.webpersonals.com which had been aquired by Interactive Media Corp. (now known as lavalife™)

The cornerstone project provided a spring board for Interactive Media Group's further development of www.webpersonals.com into a profitable application of Internet based micro-billing.

"I remember the amazement with a hint of disbelief they had when the project was delivered on time and simply worked even with the immense traffic loads of webpersonals."


Corporate Conquest

Partnered with Wolfgang Spegg the company musicmusicmusic inc. was founded. They had a vision of delivering music over the Internet legally with the cooperation of the major labels. Something that no one had ever accomplished. All before Napster, now a household word, even existed.

The pair began courting the initial small investors for a small investment of $10,000 each one by one the ball slowly began to roll and gained momentum.

One of the first 20 MP3 encoder licenses that Frunhofer IIS, the R&D company that developed MP3, issued.

The recording industry's reaction to legal Internet broadcasting was not warm. It took repeated meetings with licensing bodies such as CRIA and The RIAA.

The project took Sean through ten countries. Highlights include,

  • initial meeting with Claudio Faoro, a Swiss investment lawyer at the Munich train station.
  • meeting with EUnet International in Amsterdam, the creators of the European Internet backbone in 1998 just after they were purchased by Qwest.
  • manning the front lines at MIDEM in Cannes, France
  • deployment of the first International franchise in Abu Dabi, UAE

musicmusicmusic became publicly traded on the Neuer Markt in Frankfurt on October 1, 1999 under the symbol MU5. Taking the lead development role Sean quickly developed a complete commercial product line of music delivery products and retail sampling products such as the Web Bar Listening Post deployed in the large retail chain Future Shop. (press release)

When asked to describe what he does Sean states "I work the white space, provide the glue to help fuse technologies and business processes."

Providing innovative ideas and concepts that grow into successful products only seems to help to quench his thirst.

Today, Sean continues to provide key concepts and practical applications of technology to private clients to this day while continuing his independent research, development and exploration of all manner of technology.